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Saint Kitts and Nevis

4 months ago (01 August 2023)


Citizenship by Investment: Saint Kitts and Nevis


Created in 1984, almost a decade before other regional CBI programs, Saint Kitts and Nevis continues to grant Citizenship by Investment in as little as four months to qualified applicants, while simultaneously aiding the dual-island nation’s development. For a second passport from St. Kitts, investors may pursue two options: monetary donation through the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund, or property investment via its CBI program. 


About St. Kitts and Nevis


The smallest and least populous Caribbean country, the dual-island St. Kitts and Nevis has an outsized regional presence due to its dramatic natural beauty and luxurious accommodations. Having gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1983, its tiny population of almost 55,000 people speaks English, and enjoys a stable, democratic government, black and white sand beaches, and a low-key, yet elegant lifestyle.




Advantages to St. Kitts Citizenship    


Citizens of St. Kitts enjoy the following benefits through their St. Kitts passport:

·       Visa-free entry to the United Kingdom and the Schengen area; 155+ countries around the world

·       Reduced tax burden

·       Zero residency requirements

·       Zero nationality restrictions

·       Hereditary citizenship 

·       Dual citizenship




St. Kitts Citizenship Options


1.      Donation

  • ·       The donation option involves making a monetary investment in the Sustainable Growth Fund, a government fund which is directed toward the St. Kittian economy (investments typically fund hospitals, schools, local businesses, etc.) 
  • ·       Donation amounts/ Government fees are as follows:
  • o   $150,000 USD (For single applicant)
  • o   $175,000 USD (For main applicant and spouse)
  • o   $195,000 USD (For a Family of four)
  • o   $10,000 USD (Per dependent, excluding siblings)
  • o   $20,000 USD (For each dependent sibling)


2.      Investment in Real Estate

  • ·       Foreigners can receive citizenship from St. Kitts by purchasing pre-approved real estate on the island.
  • ·       Pricing for the Real Estate option is as follows:
  • o   $200,000 USD (Minimum investment value of the selected property)
  • ·       In addition to the Real Estate cost above, a government fee is applied as follows:
  • o   $35,000 USD (For single applicant)
  • o   $20,000 USD (For the spouse of main applicant) 
  • o   $10,000 USD (Per dependent, excluding siblings)
  • o   $40,000 USD (For each dependent siblings)


3.      Alternative Investment Option (AIO)

  • ·       An alternative CBI option where applicants can choose to make an investment in a local St. Kitts business or government project. All projects ultimately are absorbed by the St. Kitts government, and all are geared towards fueling local job growth and other areas of development.
  • ·       The available AIO pathways are as follows:
  • o   Private Enterprise Developer (PED)—private assets
  • o   Public Good Project Developer (PGPD)
  • ·       Pricing for the AIO option is as follows:
  • o   $200,000 USD (Minimum investment for PED)
  • o   175,000 USD (Minimum investment for PGPD)
  • ·       In addition to the cost of the AIO above, a government fee is applied as follows:
  • o   $35,000 USD (For individual applicant)
  • o   $20,000 USD (For husband/wife of main applicant) 
  • o   $10,000 USD (For dependent, excluding siblings)
  • o   $20,000 USD (For each dependent siblings)


Please note that, in addition to the fees for the three investment options to apply for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship, all applicants are also responsible for the following fees


  • ·       $250 USD (Application fee per person)
  • ·       $450 USD (Passport fee per person)
  • ·       $50 USD (Stamp/registration cost per person)
  • ·       $7,500 USD (Due diligence cost for the main applicant)
  • ·       $4,000 USD (Due diligence cost for the spouse of main applicant)
  • ·       $4,000 USD (Due diligence cost per dependent age 16+)






Eligibility Requirements for St. Kitts Citizenship


All applicants for the citizenship via the St. Kitts CBI program must fulfill the following criteria:

·       Pass a complete security/due diligence check

·       Be without a criminal history

·       Demonstrate the origin of any money used toward their CBI investment 

·       Original applicant must be age 18+


Eligible Family Members


·       Spouse

·       Dependent children under the age of 30

·       Dependent parents above the age of 55

·       Unmarried dependent siblings under the age of 30


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How to Apply for St. Kitts Citizenship


1.      Contact Masa Immigration to begin your journey to St. Kitts citizenship.

2.      Prepare your application. Your agent will help you acquire, assemble, and fill out all the application materials  

3.      Submit your application and all relevant fees.

4.      Once the application is approved, submit all remaining investment fees

5.      Collect your Certificate of Registration and officially become a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis

6.      Apply for your St. Kitts passport (this is done by your agent, who will send your passport to you directly once the application is complete).

Fill the below form and one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours.