Citizenship by Investment


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Citizenship by Investment

10 months ago (01 August 2023)


Citizenship by Investment


Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is the process by which a foreigner becomes a citizen in another country by investing in that country’s economic citizenship program. In addition to achieving lifelong citizenship in their selected country, successful applicants are also granted a second passport. The two main pathways to CBI are investment in real estate approved by the government, or monetary donation (both options are non-refundable). Although they may ultimately choose to do so, foreigners who receive CBI are not required to live—or even travel to—their new country in order to retain their new citizenship and its many benefits. In addition to fulfilling specific financial requirements, CBI applicants must also submit to background checks (due diligence).


Applicants who meet these CBI standards are granted citizenship and a second passport, which leads to dynamic investment possibilities, access to expand business networks, and the ability to travel visa-free to the United Kingdom, the European Schengen area, and top destinations around the world (an average of 140+ countries and territories globally).




Citizenship by Investment Benefits


Worldwide Travel Opportunities

·       Experience the freedom of traveling without a visa to over 140+ countries around the world.


Family Security

·       Invest in your family's future by providing them with high-quality education and healthcare.


Business Opportunities

·       Gain access to global markets and new business venues in Europe, Asia, and the world



·       The opportunity to purchase real estate with proven investment returns, ultimately selling the property after a few years


Tax Freedom

·       Enjoy freedom from commonly levied taxes (CBI programs in the Caribbean offer zero taxes on income, wealth, and capital gains)


Dual Citizen

·       Get a second citizenship through one of the most reputable citizenship by investment schemes, giving you more security and the ability to pursue a more desired lifestyle in other areas of the globe

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